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Online Learning

We have a range of online learning materials, with supporting references along side our printed books covering the latest health and social topics.

Our class leading learning management system (LMS), as used by many top Universities, also automatically give you access to a community of other health and social care professionals to discuss/debates and ask about current trends and end-user needs.

Person studying

Self-managed training

Learn on-line, train and take assessment to gain personal certifications with our accredited courses that you can take with you.

Enrolled and have access to your course for a whole year so you can keep yourself up to date. Take assessments as many times as you want to keep in touch.

Your accounts and certificates are safe and and secured.

Computer Class

Care home training management

We can help manage your training programme for your staff, with a blend of online or on-site training.

Training courses can be tailored made to fit your business, with accredited modules, online and printed certificates issued on successful completion.


Annual reports produced and re-certification according to regulations supported.

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